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Winnie the Pooh Day January 18th Poe Toaster January 19th Winter Carnival (St. Paul Minnesota) January 21-31
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Relaunch of Holiday A Week, Week Ending 080110 I have finally started to record my show again. Blog January 6th Little Christmas January 7th Seven Herb Festival
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Covers the week of 9/12/09 to 9/19/09 September 12 The Festival of Nations Pictures at September 14 Anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner September 15 Prinsjesdag (Princes Day) September 16 Fiestas Patrias (Patriotic Holiday) September 18 Dieciocho (Chile's Independence Day) September 19 International Talk Like a Pirate Day
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September 7-11 7th Labor Day in the United States 8th Nation Day in Andorra 9th Nation Day in Tajikistan 10th Nation Day in Gibraltar 11th Patriot Day in the United States
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Another short podcast talking about some of the progress I am making in getting everything rolling and some of the things I hope for in the near future. Holidays this week August 12 - Thailand, The Queen's Birthday and Mother's Day August 13 - International Left Handed Day August 14 - Independance Day for Pakistain August 15 - Victory in the Pacific Day
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Holidays from around the world.
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Companion Podcast for
Show notes will be posted there
Holidays discussed:
Sweden National Day - June 6th
Union Dissolution Day - June 7th
World Ocean Day - June 8th
Portugal Day - June 10th
Kamehameha Day - June 11th
Loving Day - June 12th
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Spotlighting Groundhog Day with an interview of Event Coordinator for Punxsutawney Laura and Sami National Day.

Links used for the show are at
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We concentrate on Chinese New Year but also talk about a couple of other days during the week.

Please let us know what you think and send any suggestions or comments to and visit the blog

Happy Holidays!
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This is the first show that I have a co-host, I messed up her audio a little but I think it is a big improvement.
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This is the relaunch  of my podcast, I am trying to get back in the swing of it.  I wanted to have a co host or someone to interview but did not work out so I am getting used to being recorded.
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My show on Easter and some of the history of the traditions.  Still working on the production of the show.
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This holiday is a combination of both holiday and math.
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My second podcast, still trying to get comfortable with doing this.

Hope you enjoy it.

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This is my first podcast and is a little rough but I needed to get something going so I would continue.

This show is about Martisor, a holiday celebrated in Romania and Moldova.  I lied about it being short at the end, but it is only about 6 minutes long.

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