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Hello and welcome to Holiday a Week, your weekly preview of the Holidays, festivals, celebrations and remembrances from around the world.


I’m Jeffrey Johnson


The week starting on Monday July  28th, 2014


July 28, 2014


Fiestas Patrias Peru (Independence Day)

One of the most important holidays in Peru along with Christmas, is the day that General José de San Martín declared independence on July 28th 1821.  Celebrated by the entire country, flags are flown from almost all buildings including houses. as mandated by law during the entire month of July. As the head of state, the current President will give an address to the people outlining the state of the nation. This speech is given in the congressional bodies chambers at their invitation.


Happy Independence Day Peru!


Also celebrated on July 28th


Ólavsøka, the day when Løgting the parliament of the Faroe Islands opens it’s season. A small island nation between Iceland and Norway, it is self ruled country but still part of the Kingdom of Denmark.. The people of the Faroe Islands also take this time to hold both cultural and sporting events to celebrate their nation.  One of the country's biggest sports, rowing, holds their national competition at this time every year. Also featured during the festivals is the famous Faroese chain dancing, a medieval dance that has only survived on the island nation.


Happy Olavsoka the Faroe Islands!


On July 29th 2014 we celebrate


International Tiger Day

Created in 2010 during the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, this is a day to celebrate and raise awareness of tiger conservation around the world. With less than 3,200 tigers in the wild, it is good to keep this in mind and see if there is anyway to help.


Also on July 19th


National Thai Language Day

Day to remember and celebrate the rich cultural history of the the Thai language.


On July 30th 2014 we celebrate


Enthronement Day Morocco (Aid Al Arch)

To celebrate and remember the day that His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Amir Al Mouminine, was enthroned in 1999, the people of Morocco, a country in north west of Africa, sets aside this day. This happens to fall during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan so eating and drinking during the day are not permitted. During the evening however people will get together and socialize as well as celebrate the King, even having fireworks for the event. One of the biggest days off during the year it is eagerly looked forward to.


Happy Enthronement Day Morocco!




Independence Day Vanuatu


An island nation in the South Pacific of less than 225,000 people, Vanuatu got it’s independence from France only in 1980. While the first Europeans landed on the island in the 1600s there have been people living there for at least 4,000 years ago. An interesting phenomenon happened do to American forces being stationed there during WWII, the famous cargo cult developed.


Happy Independence Day Vanuatu!


On July 31st 2014 we celebrate


Ka Hae Hawaii day


Hawaii has the distinction of being one of the only areas that the United States has taken within it’s borders that had a reigning monarch at one time and diplomatic relationships throughout the world, the flag of Hawaii represents this. It is the only state flag that has the Union Flag of Great Britain featured prominently and the flag was used during its time as a Kingdom, republic and territory. A day to celebrate the flag of Hawaii was established as recently as 1990.


Happy Ka Hae Hawaii!


On August 1st  2014 we celebrate


Celebration of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833


This was the Act of Parliament of Great Britain that outlawed slavery in the British Empire save for a few areas that were covered by other acts. Today mostly celebrated as part of Carnival in the Caribbean, it still an important turning point in the West's understanding and treatment of their fellow human beings. In reality it only freed those who were six years and younger, but did mark the beginning of the end of slavery in the Empire.


Also on August 1st


Minden Day


Soldiers of certain British regiments wear roses on their head gear on this day to mark their regiments involvement during the Battle of Minden during the 7 years war in 1759. It was thought to be a turning point during the war.


And keeping with the theme of  Great Britain


Yorkshire Day


A day to celebrate the distinctive culture of the people of Yorkshire, the day was chosen to coincide with both Minden Day and the Abolition of Slavery. Minden Day as one of the regiments during the battle was from there and the Abolition of Slavery because a key figure in the championing of the cause in the British Parliament was from Yorkshire.  Through out the county events take place to show off Yorkshire pride.


Happy Yorkshire Day


On August 2st 2014 we celebrate


Virgen de los Angeles - Patron Saint of Costa Rica


On August 2, 1653, the story goes that a local woman found a representation of the Virgin Mary. She tried to take this somewhere and twice it reappeared back at the location where she found it. The people then built a shrine where it stood. In 1824, it was taken as the patron saint of Costa Rica. Many people from around the country will walk the distance from the capital to the shrine every year on this day, some 22 kilometers, some even making the last of the journey on their knees.


Happy Virgen de los Angeles!


Republic Day Macedonia


Celebrating two events that both happened on this day that contribute to the current country of Macedonia, located in part of the area that was once the Turkish Empire,  The first of these events was the Llinden Uprising in 1903, when for a short time there was a Macedonian Republic. Then in 1944, the first assembly of ASNOM, helped to establish what today is the current nation. The holiday has been celebrated since 1944. It also happens to fall on Saint Elijah day, a holiday that has been important in the area for many many years. On this day there will be a parade of horses from the Capital Skopje to where the Uprising happened, Krusevo.


Happy Republic Day Macedonia!


On August 3rd 2014 we celebrate


Independence Day Niger


A country in west central Africa that received its independence on August 3, 1960. Throughout the country there are festivals celebrating the independence but the day has also been repurposed to be an arbor day as well. Every person in the country is supposed to plant a tree to help fight desertification.

If I have missed anything for this week or if you think I might miss a future holiday let me know by emailing me at or you can tweet me @holidayaday. Remeber to subscribe to the podcast at “Holiday a Day” in iTunes or Stitcher or you can just visit so you won’t miss out on any celebrations


And remember to have a great day because there is a holiday out there somewhere.

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Hello and welcome to Holiday a Week, your weekly preview of the Holidays, festivals, celebrations and remembrances from around the world.


I’m Jeffrey Johnson


This podcast is for week starting on Monday July  21st, 2014


July 21st is Racial Harmony Day in Singapore


A day to commemorate the 1964 racial riots, when students will reflect on and celebrate the rich racial diversity of Singapore. The day has been celebrated since 1998, with students dressing in traditional clothing and playing traditional games.


Also on July 21st


- Belgian National Day

The swearing in of the King of Belgium happened on July 21, 1831, which marked the formation of the Kingdom of Belgium. Having just recently attained its independence, a constitutional convention was established that draft their first constitution. The soon to be King, Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg, swore allegiance to the constitution making him the first King. This marked the end of the Belgian Revolution.


Since then Belgium has come to be associated with a place to hold the head of international headquarters, such as the European Union and NATO.


During the National Day there is a review of the military and police by the King, currently King Philippe who ascended to the throne on last years National Day when his father resigned. There are also booths around the capital, Brussels, of the different agencies of the government to let the public know what they do and answer questions. And like many Nation Days there are fireworks to conclude the celebration in the evening.


July 23 - Renaissance Day in Oman


Qaboos bin Said al Said became the Sultan of Oman on July 23, 1970, now known as Renaissance Day, taking over from his father. He ushered in a much more progressive government helping to bring the population to a much higher standard of living. He has also helped to maintain good relations with both the West and Iran, often mediating between the two powers.


Happy Renaissance Day Oman!


Also on July 23


- Revolution Day in Egypt

The largest of the civil holiday in Egypt, it celebrates the anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution in 1952. Marked by concerts and military parades.


Happy Revolution Day Egypt!


July 24 - Pioneer Day, Utah United States


Celebrating the day when Brigham Young entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, this is a day celebrated by not only those of the Mormon faith but all those who live in the area to commemorate the pioneers who lead the way to the west and settled in the area. Celebrated in similar fashion as Independance Day for the United States, there are parades, fireworks, rodeos and other festivities. It is the second most heavily trafficked day in the area, with the 4th of July just a head of it.


Happy Pioneer Day!


25 July - Ebernoe Horn Fair


In the small town Ebernoe Sussex, England is a tradition 100s of years old though it had gone into a dormant period and restarted in the mid 1800s. A cricket match is played and a town fair is held, complete with cake, tea and beer stalls plus bouncy castles and a hot air balloon.  Towards the end of the match the batter with the highest score (though I am not even sure what that means, cricket confuses me) gets a set of horns from the sheep that has been roasting all day and will be served at the fair.


You can find a full write up about the day from someone who actually attended last years festival by going to the show notes


Happy Ebernoe Horn Festival!


Independence Day Maldives July 26th


A small island nation south of India, that has the distinction of the lowest average elevation at 1.5 meters and lowest highest elevation of any country at only 2.4 meters, celebrates their Independence Day on July 26th from Great Britain in 1965. They have had self rule for most of their existence until 1887, with only two other times colonial powers controlled the area for a total of just over 15 years. Having influences from the west, middle east and the east as a stopping point for merchants, they have had a number of cultural influences throughout history. Interestingly they are the smallest of the Asian countries in both land area and population but they do have 1,192 islands but only 192 of them are inhabited.


In 2008 a fund was established by the government to relocate the inhabitants of the island because of the threat of the ocean swallowing up the country as it has such a low elevation.


Never the less Happy Independence Day The Maldives!


Sleepyhead Day, July 27th


You do not want to sleep late on July 27th in Finland, the last person to awake in the house get woken by either being thrown in water (lake or sea) or having water thrown on them them to wake them up.


This goes back to the Middle Ages (the first recorded instance was 1652). It commemorates the time when the Saint of Ephesus was being persecuted by the Roman Emperor for practicing Christianity. He Went to the mountains to hide and while there fell asleep in a cave where he slept for 200 years. Waking up after so long he thought that only a day had passed and went into the town to buy food only to find that churches now stood in the town.


The city of Naantali even gets a celebrity to be thrown in the ocean every year and has a festival all day long for the event.


Happy Sleepyhead Day!


If I have missed anything or if you think I might miss a future holiday let me know by emailing me at or Connect with me on twitter @holidayaday and you can always go to http;// to stay up to date on what the current holiday is and remeber to subscribe to the podcast at “Holiday a Day” in iTunes to get your daily dose of the current holidays.


And remember to have a great day because there is a holiday out there somewhere.

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Hello and welcome to Holiday a Week, your weekly preview of the Holidays, festivals, celebrations and remembrances from around the world.


I am your host Jeffrey Johnson


This podcast is for the week starting on Monday July  14 2014 and ending on Sunday July 20 2014

July 14th 2014 brings us


Bastille Day as it is referred to in English or La Fête Nationale (The National Celebration) it also commonly referred to as Le quatorze juillet (the fourteenth of July). This Celebration is for the day the Bastille was stormed and started the French Revolution in 1789.  It also commemorates the Fête de la Fédération which happened in 1790, a celebration of French unity where othas to the new constitution were sworn by high level French individuals.


The largest and longest running military parade in Europe is held on July 14th with the parade having around 7,000 soldiers (5,000 on foot, the rest, crew members or cavalrymen), 300 vehicles, 240 horses and more than 80 planes and helicopters.  The first time the parade was held was during Fête de la Fédération (in 1790) after which the French people celebrated for 4 days with feasts, dancing and parties.


Fireworks are also launched in the evening in celebration of the day. There are many events around Paris and the rest of the country, to many to be listed here.


Happy Independence Day France!


On July 15th 2014 we celebrate


The birthday of Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. The current ruler of Brunei, a nation on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. He became Sultan in 1967 when his father abdicated the throne. He has since gone on to become the Prime Minister, Head of the Defense Forces, Head of the Finance Ministry as well as many other titles. Sultan Hassanal also holds Honorary ranks in the British military; General, Admiral and Air Marshal as well as having been Knighted by the Queen of England.


Brunei has come along way in becoming a developed nation and do to it's natural resources is one of only two nations to have 0 debt according to the IMF.


Happy Birthday Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah


Between July 11th and the 21st of  2014 we celebrate


The Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchathani province in Thailand. During this time people show off their candle carving abilities, there is even a candle sent by the Royal Family to this festival. The highlight of the event is on Khao Phansa the first day of the Buddhist Lent season.  This is the three months when the monks will not stray far from their temple, having to return each night. This is also the time when it is most auspicious to become a monk. Khao Phansa happens on the day after the full moon on the 8th lunar month.


Happy Candle Festival!


On July 17th 2014 we celebrate


Constitution Day in South Korea. This is the date when the Korean Constitution was proclaimed in 1948 which was also chosen to coincide to the founding of the Joseon Dynasty in 1392. The day is no longer considered an official day off of work but still a holiday. People will celebrate in their own way, some running marathons. This was also the date when Korea was separated into two countries and many in Korea feel very strongly that they should be one so it not celebrated a great amount though there are ceremonies conducted by the leaders of the country.


Happy Constitution Day South Korea and I hope one day you will be joined in peace with North Korea.


On July 18th 2014 we celebrate


Mandela Day, an international day to celebrate and continue the work of Nelson Mandela.

Mandela was born on July 18th 1918, he fought for the equal rights for people of color in South Africa. The first United Nations Mandela Day was in 2010 but other countries had recognized it in 2009. This is a day to embrace the ideals of Nelson Mandela. Service is the most important thing on this day. According to the Mandela Day website he lived by three rules, Free yourself, free others and serve every day. Mandela gave 67 years service they ask that we give at least 67 minutes this day and to try and make every day a day of service.

You can learn more about the day and what you can do to participate at

(I put a link in the description of the podcast)

Happy Mandela Day!

On July 19th 2014 we recognize Burmese Martyr's Day

On July 19th in 1947 a large percentage of the ruling government were assassinated. Since then the leadership of the nation has held this day to honor those who died in the attack.

On July 20th 2014 we celebrate

Galla Bayramy, which is held on 3rd Sunday in July

The Wheat Harvest festival in Turkmenistan is celebrate on the 3rd Sunday in July. One of the oldest agricultural regions in the world, the Turkmen have known longer than most of the world how important agriculture is to civilisation. They, of course, treat this festival time with great honor and importance. During this time many festivals are held throughout the country, from concerts to cultural festivals.

You will be able to find links in the show notes:

That is all I have for today but if I have missed anything or if you think I might miss a future holiday let me know by emailing me at or contact me on twitter @holidayaday and you can always go to http;// to stay up to date on what the current holiday is.

And remember to have a great day because there is a holiday out there somewhere.

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