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Hello and welcome to Holiday a Week, your weekly preview of the Holidays, festivals, celebrations and remembrances from around the world.


I’m Jeffrey Johnson


This podcast is for week starting on Monday July  21st, 2014


July 21st is Racial Harmony Day in Singapore


A day to commemorate the 1964 racial riots, when students will reflect on and celebrate the rich racial diversity of Singapore. The day has been celebrated since 1998, with students dressing in traditional clothing and playing traditional games.


Also on July 21st


- Belgian National Day

The swearing in of the King of Belgium happened on July 21, 1831, which marked the formation of the Kingdom of Belgium. Having just recently attained its independence, a constitutional convention was established that draft their first constitution. The soon to be King, Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg, swore allegiance to the constitution making him the first King. This marked the end of the Belgian Revolution.


Since then Belgium has come to be associated with a place to hold the head of international headquarters, such as the European Union and NATO.


During the National Day there is a review of the military and police by the King, currently King Philippe who ascended to the throne on last years National Day when his father resigned. There are also booths around the capital, Brussels, of the different agencies of the government to let the public know what they do and answer questions. And like many Nation Days there are fireworks to conclude the celebration in the evening.


July 23 - Renaissance Day in Oman


Qaboos bin Said al Said became the Sultan of Oman on July 23, 1970, now known as Renaissance Day, taking over from his father. He ushered in a much more progressive government helping to bring the population to a much higher standard of living. He has also helped to maintain good relations with both the West and Iran, often mediating between the two powers.


Happy Renaissance Day Oman!


Also on July 23


- Revolution Day in Egypt

The largest of the civil holiday in Egypt, it celebrates the anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution in 1952. Marked by concerts and military parades.


Happy Revolution Day Egypt!


July 24 - Pioneer Day, Utah United States


Celebrating the day when Brigham Young entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, this is a day celebrated by not only those of the Mormon faith but all those who live in the area to commemorate the pioneers who lead the way to the west and settled in the area. Celebrated in similar fashion as Independance Day for the United States, there are parades, fireworks, rodeos and other festivities. It is the second most heavily trafficked day in the area, with the 4th of July just a head of it.


Happy Pioneer Day!


25 July - Ebernoe Horn Fair


In the small town Ebernoe Sussex, England is a tradition 100s of years old though it had gone into a dormant period and restarted in the mid 1800s. A cricket match is played and a town fair is held, complete with cake, tea and beer stalls plus bouncy castles and a hot air balloon.  Towards the end of the match the batter with the highest score (though I am not even sure what that means, cricket confuses me) gets a set of horns from the sheep that has been roasting all day and will be served at the fair.


You can find a full write up about the day from someone who actually attended last years festival by going to the show notes


Happy Ebernoe Horn Festival!


Independence Day Maldives July 26th


A small island nation south of India, that has the distinction of the lowest average elevation at 1.5 meters and lowest highest elevation of any country at only 2.4 meters, celebrates their Independence Day on July 26th from Great Britain in 1965. They have had self rule for most of their existence until 1887, with only two other times colonial powers controlled the area for a total of just over 15 years. Having influences from the west, middle east and the east as a stopping point for merchants, they have had a number of cultural influences throughout history. Interestingly they are the smallest of the Asian countries in both land area and population but they do have 1,192 islands but only 192 of them are inhabited.


In 2008 a fund was established by the government to relocate the inhabitants of the island because of the threat of the ocean swallowing up the country as it has such a low elevation.


Never the less Happy Independence Day The Maldives!


Sleepyhead Day, July 27th


You do not want to sleep late on July 27th in Finland, the last person to awake in the house get woken by either being thrown in water (lake or sea) or having water thrown on them them to wake them up.


This goes back to the Middle Ages (the first recorded instance was 1652). It commemorates the time when the Saint of Ephesus was being persecuted by the Roman Emperor for practicing Christianity. He Went to the mountains to hide and while there fell asleep in a cave where he slept for 200 years. Waking up after so long he thought that only a day had passed and went into the town to buy food only to find that churches now stood in the town.


The city of Naantali even gets a celebrity to be thrown in the ocean every year and has a festival all day long for the event.


Happy Sleepyhead Day!


If I have missed anything or if you think I might miss a future holiday let me know by emailing me at or Connect with me on twitter @holidayaday and you can always go to http;// to stay up to date on what the current holiday is and remeber to subscribe to the podcast at “Holiday a Day” in iTunes to get your daily dose of the current holidays.


And remember to have a great day because there is a holiday out there somewhere.

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